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I was born in London and now live and work in East Sussex. I have spent much of my life abroad, living in Hong Kong, Canada, the Philippines, Australia, Japan and Italy.

I took a two year art foundation course at Eastbourne College of Art and Design in 2001, and graduated with a first class degree in Practice and Theory, Art and Design from Wimbledon School of Art (UAL) in 2005.

The inspiration for my work usually starts with my own experiences, insecurities or general observations of life.  Anything from a book or film to the people I meet can spark an idea.  I  try to capture these moments with humour (at times rather dark) and candour and hope that the viewer will bring their own imagination and stories to the reading of the images I create.

I work in mixed media - some ideas seem to work better in collage and others in paint or clay.  I also enjoy playing with the concepts of 'low' and 'high' art moving from oils to found paper and objects.

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  1. Jane Tyler avatar
    Jane Tyler Aug 4, 2013

    Thanks Andrew.  I’m working towards a solo show at the Chequer Mead Arts Centre, E. Grinstead.  It will be on Friday 11th - Wednesday 16th October.  Private View will be Friday 11th 6 - 9pm and I hope that you can make it and bring some friends!
    If you have anything in mind exhibition -wise, I would love to know.  Best to contact me on my email - as I look at that every day.

    Many thanks,